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5X7Ft Wedding Rose Flowers Photography Backdrop Studio Prop Background

Features: Photographic background which is made from high quality cloth, durable, anti wrinkle,abrasion resistance.Using a series of high-tech digital production equipment carefully made digital pictures inkjet pictures.Beautiful colors and appearance, you can change this to rich your scene anytime

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Folding, light weight, small occupied space, convenient storage and carry

For professional photography or party, rich scene, can be replaced at any time

It doesn't affect the performance, methods to recover are listed as follows Firstly, put the back side With no picture on it upwards, use the iron to glide back and forth removing creases

Package Included 1 x Photography Background

Secondly, roll it up tightly with a cylinder, and wait for 3-4 days

Size 150 x 210 cm 5 x 7ft Application Photography Note In order to facilitate the transport and packaging, the cloth background will be folded before shipment, which could be resulting in making creases in the cloth

The background color is clear, beautiful, has a certain artistic effect

There could be a little color error in printing, please do not mind